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Here are galleries of my 8 completed strongholds and my personal flagship. All are 100% decorated. You'll probably see some shared traits among all of them.


Dromund Kaas - My first and most used stronghold. Could probably use some updates.

Nar Shaddaa - My pride and joy. One of my few strongholds that is actually filled with citizens. Could use a lot more hooks though.


Coruscant - My most used stronghold on the republic side but, I hardly play there anymore.


Yavin 4

Umbara - Eh, it's a train.

Manaan - I've never liked this stronghold from the beginning and now especially after they added additional hooks to it.

Imperial Flagship
As I said in the Rishi post, I love this idea and will be joining you in the creation of these. I hope it inspires others as many decorators inspire ideas or thoughts for me. Would you be willing to answer questions if any arise as I tour all of them in my free time? (School just started back up and free time is a precious commodity right now as an educator. )