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One name you are going to hear about, if you stick around, is Neutrinos. At this moment in time he has been gone 15 months and is apparently not interested in returning. But, he was and still is generally considered - even by other respected top level Aces - to be the best pilot to ever play GSF. Certainly in terms of pure mechanical skill and map awareness anyway. There is argument to say others were better strategists for example. But he stood almost alone in skill. I consider myself privileged to have played against Neutrinos. Well, "played against," is a misnomer really. Witnessed is more accurate, because he was devastating. Certainly I had zero chances when I encountered him.

Yes, I was uncertain when I was new to GSF if he was cheating. But I spoke to others and I was readily assured, no he just is that good. Neutrinos' legacy lives on in Invis, who was his protege, and in terms of match effectiveness, and skill in a ship, is as good as Neutrinos. The only way to be certain if Neutrinos or Invis is the better pilot, would be for Neutrinos to come back. But its academic really. It doesn't matter. Neutrinos taught Invis everything he knows, and Invis was a worthy student. I am lucky now, to be able to train with Invis, and effectively gain access to what Neutrinos taught Invis. Yui (otherwise known as Zekken) is another one. Someone asked once if Yui was equal to Neutrinos, and Yui's reply, which I think I agree with, was that Neutrinos was the better Scout, Yui is the better Gunship. But at that level, its so elite, that there is no comparison. They are both phenomenal. These people are what I term Elite Aces. Because something has to separate them from the normal aces. Normal Aces still have to be Aces, because you can't argue with what they have achieved in game. But the Elite guys, there aren't many of those, and they are untouchable in a fair fight. They have stats that beat everyone else. Solo stats.

I consider myself fortunate to have flown with or against all of these guys in my time. Certainly there were others that left before I started. If you were to ask me what it takes to be someone who can make it to the upper tiers of being an Ace, I would say it's how you react to seeing these guys in battle. IF you resort to accusations of cheating, saying they are only good with Damage Overcharges, trash talking them, or generally making excuses, then you wont make it. You're not cut out for it. But if you see what they do and admire it, desire and aspire to be as good as them, then you've got what it takes. And given time, you will be an Ace. This is why I don't pull my punches in GSF anymore. If I go easy on you, it dumbs down the talent pool. If you think you beat me, but I took it easy on you, you learn nothing. Invis doesn't take it easy on me when I duel with him, and so he shouldn't, otherwise I wont ever make it to Elite Ace. GSF needs talented players, not people who want others to take it easy on them so that they can feel good about themselves.

Not pulling my punches also makes me a better pilot. When you are at a level that you rarely come across someone else of equal ability in a match, the challenge is less about dog fighting someone equally as good, and more about carrying teams in the defiance of ever greater odds against you. Because I don't pull my punches, because I go hard all the time, people come after me. Aggressively, persistently and relentlessly. They see me on a bad team, and they pounce on me in mobs. They even do it when I am on the better team, such is the desire to take revenge. Frustrating as it may be at times, learning to cope with that pressure makes me better. You also know when you have mentally beaten someone when they stop coming after you. GSF is a brutal game. You can't get away from that and you can't make excuses for it. You either sink or swim. Pulling punches and nerfing myself, will not achieve anything in the long run.
Totally agree. It’s why I don’t hold back in ground pvp (even for my wife). Majority of people only get better if they play against better players. If I have it easy and don’t have someone pushing me to get better, I won’t get better because I won’t see the need. The challenge is always trying to learn all the nuances. Sadly, I don’t think the game’s going to be around long enough for me yo get as good at GSF as I am at ground pvp. I should have started playing it years ago (another missed opportunity).
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