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06.14.2021 , 06:53 AM | #29
While I'm stil logged in --

As far as conquest and seasons go, I finally had my worst match ever, and it happened on malgus. A 194-1000.
Now mind you I've definitely had more one-sided losses. But it was the only match where I managed 8 kills and just 2 deaths where the only teammate to manage a kill literally stole it as I was finishing him off doing a total of 848 damage at 5% accuracy. That was 7 other people doing less damage than I did combined with none of them even breaking 10k.

So I can definitely attest to seeing the extreme end of match quality decline. The silver lining is that lousy matchups (tho typically not that extreme) aren't exactly a rare occurrence but at least now we aren't having to wait so long to find out how screwed we are =p.
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