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One name you are going to hear about, if you stick around, is Neutrinos. At this moment in time he has been gone 15 months and is apparently not interested in returning. But, he was and still is generally considered - even by other respected top level Aces - to be the best pilot to ever play GSF. Certainly in terms of pure mechanical skill and map awareness anyway. There is argument to say others were better strategists for example. But he stood almost alone in skill. I consider myself privileged to have played against Neutrinos. Well, "played against," is a misnomer really. Witnessed is more accurate, because he was devastating. Certainly I had zero chances when I encountered him.
I had to reply to this just because it seems a bit excessive. I don't know where you get the best pilot ever to play gsf, because that's a pretty high pedestal to place anyone on. Now I'm not saying he wasn't one of the best, but that's a bold claim to make of anyone. Willie had a bit of a mythic reputation but I was just learning by the time he was on his way out. Despair also carried a reputation but they were gone before I had even played my first match. Simply put, be mindful with the declarations. I can wholly admit that neutrinos was better than me, but its not like we didn't blow each other up, he/she just happened to do it more often -- mainly because he/she paid more attention to the cooldowns than I did back then. A lot of what neutrinos could do back then no longer applies post 5.5 because the dynamic changed so dramatically. I myself had to break a lot of old habits and adapt after coming back. Yet, at the same time, my "flying style" is heavily influenced by all the elite pilots I have played against in GSF over the years.
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