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I had a similar experience 9 years ago in 8v8 ground pvp. The guys back then were so good that they ran circles around many of us. Just when I got good enough for ranked 8s, BioWare decided to pull it and replace it with Arena 4s (Iíll never forgive them for that).
Since then, Iíve only improved as the rest of the pvp population seemed to devolve and gets worse. There are no longer enough good players to grind my pvp axe on and make my skills any sharper unless I want to play arena (which I dislike) and Iím at a massive lag disadvantage playing from Australia.
I donít hold back in ground pvp, I only got better by grinding against better players who would grind me into dust. I had to learn all my own abilities, to gear, min max, keybind and tactics and strategy against the best players the games ever had (Iím not even close to that lvl).

Ive just started playing GSF because of Galactic Seasons. Iíd always disliked it because I wanted a true Xwing vs Tie Fighter sim clone. Since GS started forcing me to play GSF, I decided I should play properly and learn as much as I can. The learning curve experience is similar (but also harder) to my early pvp days. Iím slowly getting better. My best match was a death match last night where I got 5 kills, 12 assists, zero deaths and 24% aim (strike fighter on intro mission).
Im getting better each match and starting to enjoy GSF

I appreciate some players are like gods and if they werenít, I wouldnít be learning much. The GSF community seems much more welcoming and less toxic than the pvp community. Itís a breath of fresh air after playing pvp for 9 years.
But I would not be playing it if BioWare hadnít made it part of GS and if it also wasnít a good source of Conquest points.
I really hope BioWare donít nerf conquest or add stupid win/medal requirements for GSF or I think it will turn new GSF players off the format. I certainly wouldnít have stuck around if it was a requirement and I will probably stop playing if it becomes one.
You know we are not that different. Ground PVP was my thing. If you have the patience to read it, here is a little trip down memory lane of how I got into GSF. Unexpectedly.

I haven't been in Swtor as long as you. I started 4 years ago I think. Like everyone I did a bit of everything. Played through all the stories, got into operations with my guild, and did some PVP. I was never very good at PVP, and it was just something I did for mats and rewards, and the minimum of it. But I wanted to get better at it, it appealed to me more than Operations and Flashpoints. So I started randomly challenging people to duels on planets. The idea was to get experience against different classes without the mayhem that is a pvp match. One day I challenged a certain person on Tython, and that person kicked my butt. But he was nice, and talked to me. He helped me, and we dueled for the next few hours. From then on we became friends and he actively took me under his wing teaching me how to PVP. We sparred all the time, dueling with different classes and going into matches together. It would turn out, that this person was previously a student of the quite well known and very accomplished Ayan. I'm sure you will know of him given your PVP background? So in time I was also practicing with Ayan too, who was immense and extremely hard to beat. One day I was in a WZ and I would often ask if any healers wanted a tank. Tanking was my thing. Well, Skanking. Healers generally used to appreciate it. One day I was protecting a healer named Lun'i. She was the best healer I ever had the privilege to guard, and we narrowly won the match by holding off 8 of the enemy team on a node, just the two of us. From that day on we were inseparable. We trained together and queued together. She never wanted to queue without me, as its a rough time for healers in PVP. Over time Ayan saw my progress invited me to Ragtag band, along with Lun'i. I progressed as a tank and started doing ranked with them. First season I got bronze, nothing amazing, but a solid first season. Before we got into the second season some issues went down between myself and Lun'i. A misunderstanding about our team and it caused some bad blood. We resolved it and made peace, but things weren't quite the same after that. It dampened my enthusiasm for ground PVP a little, as I no longer had my beloved healer to pair with. I started pairing more with the other healers in Ragtag, and they all approved of my skanking. But Lun'i was now doing ranked with another skank. I was a little hurt, but retrospectively I hold nothing against her. I was also not doing ranked anymore, as I had no fixed team. It felt a little odd being in Ragtag Band and not doing ranked, beyond a few matches here and there. Then 5.10 came, and we had to do GSF to get a Masterwork Crystal. So, much like you, I started doing GSF for motives other than the love of GSF. My motivation was purely to get a crystal to gear for ground PVP. But, I noticed very quickly that GSF was not toxic like ground pvp. People were helpful, willing to teach. People didn't trash talk their team in every match. They said hello to each other and congratulated each other on games well played. What is this madness I thought? It was infectious and it made me want to start learning. I thought if I am going to be playing this game to gear up, I might as well learn how to do it rather than just be carried or squished. So, like you, with ground PVP still being my main thing, I started putting effort into GSF and asking questions. Exactly like you are now. I don't know when exactly it happened, but a point arrived where I realized I was having more fun in GSF than I was in ground PVP. And the thing that really swung it for me was that I realized one strong top level player could carry a match on his own, which you can't do in ground PVP. This wasn't me at the time, I was far from a top player, but I saw others doing it a lot. I realized that GSF is more skill rewarding than ground PVP. Skill makes the biggest difference here, where as in ground PVP its more about which team ganks the others best. One player can take on 5/6 people in GSF and win. You can't do that in ground PVP (Unless you happen to be a slippery Operative). And slowly, I started playing less and less ground pvp and more and more GSF. Eventually, I left Ragtag band, and gave up on ground PVP altogether, with zero regrets. At that point I put my full focus in GSF, with the goal of emulating what I had seen from some of the best players to ever play this mode.

Regarding Bioware changing the incentives / rewards for playing GSF - I don't think they will. Right now GSF is as healthy as ever population wise. Their goal was to get more people playing it, which they have achieved. If its not broken, no need to fix it. Also they have a track record of leaving GSF alone, when compared to PVE and especially PVP. It has very few updates by comparison. Which is in large part why it has good class balance (which was another reason I stuck around).
-Luc Nodaro
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