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I'm past the point where I will nerf myself to make it easier for people now. I had the hardest possible baptism of fire in this game. When I was a total green newbie, Neutrinos was regularly queuing, at the peak of his skill, and he owned the server daily. On the occasions he wasn't around, Kal Hondo was owning it. In the evenings there was a regular premade of reasonably skilled veterans. If learned to play through all of that, so can anyone else. But, as you say, I am more than happy to help people learn.
I had a similar experience 9 years ago in 8v8 ground pvp. The guys back then were so good that they ran circles around many of us. Just when I got good enough for ranked 8s, BioWare decided to pull it and replace it with Arena 4s (Iíll never forgive them for that).
Since then, Iíve only improved as the rest of the pvp population seemed to devolve and gets worse. There are no longer enough good players to grind my pvp axe on and make my skills any sharper unless I want to play arena (which I dislike) and Iím at a massive lag disadvantage playing from Australia.
I donít hold back in ground pvp, I only got better by grinding against better players who would grind me into dust. I had to learn all my own abilities, to gear, min max, keybind and tactics and strategy against the best players the games ever had (Iím not even close to that lvl).

Ive just started playing GSF because of Galactic Seasons. Iíd always disliked it because I wanted a true Xwing vs Tie Fighter sim clone. Since GS started forcing me to play GSF, I decided I should play properly and learn as much as I can. The learning curve experience is similar (but also harder) to my early pvp days. Iím slowly getting better. My best match was a death match last night where I got 5 kills, 12 assists, zero deaths and 24% aim (strike fighter on intro mission).
Im getting better each match and starting to enjoy GSF

I appreciate some players are like gods and if they werenít, I wouldnít be learning much. The GSF community seems much more welcoming and less toxic than the pvp community. Itís a breath of fresh air after playing pvp for 9 years.
But I would not be playing it if BioWare hadnít made it part of GS and if it also wasnít a good source of Conquest points.
I really hope BioWare donít nerf conquest or add stupid win/medal requirements for GSF or I think it will turn new GSF players off the format. I certainly wouldnít have stuck around if it was a requirement and I will probably stop playing if it becomes one.
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