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Just going to point out that in this thread, as far as skilled long time players go the ratio of ones happy to help, teach or group with a new player vs. ostensibly out to get them is 7:1 in the noob's favor. I say ostensibly for the one, because a lot of the players who as a matter of principle fly at 100% of their skill level no matter how bad they're stomping the other team are at the same time happy to group with noobs from that team, get into Discord with them, and help them out in the next match.

Skilled help is available and free, but you do have to ask for it.
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I'm past the point where I will nerf myself to make it easier for people now. I had the hardest possible baptism of fire in this game. When I was a total green newbie, Neutrinos was regularly queuing, at the peak of his skill, and he owned the server daily. On the occasions he wasn't around, Kal Hondo was owning it. In the evenings there was a regular premade of reasonably skilled veterans. If learned to play through all of that, so can anyone else. But, as you say, I am more than happy to help people learn.
I learned that way and got gud, everyone else should too.

I'm going to also point out that hazing tends to run people off because reasonable people tend to see the lack of a point, but the people that get through it tend to be rabidly fanatical.