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It's odd that you mention the ship's cargo hold. I placed a few items in the "storage" on my ship, logged out, came back to the game later, and the items had disappeared. I had tossed the first gun that Corso gives me and it had went *poof*. I just figured that the Cargo doesn't store things permanently and that when you log out, the cargo hold purges everything in the locker.
Um. No. You're wrong there, too, or at least, if stuff disappears like that, there is something seriously wrong, and you should be pursuiing it with Customer Service and/or any person you live with who knows your account details. I mentioned the cargo hold precisely because it *doesn't* do what you described.

There are three kinds of non-inventory storage:
* Cargo Hold. This is private to the character, so if e.g. Kylath puts something in, Xalari cannot see it.
* Legacy Storage. This is private to your legacy. Stuff in here is visible on all characters of your account *on this server*. If Kylath puts something in here, Xalari can take it out. Character-bound stuff cannot be put in here.
* Guild Bank. This is private to your guild. If you put something in here, other players in your guild can take it out. You cannot put character-bound or legacy-bound stuff in here.

If you go on the Fleet, you'll see the storage kiosks - Cargo Hold is green, Legacy Storage is yellow, and Guild Banks are purple.

If you've played GW2, the "bank" there is like Legacy Storage in SWTOR with the additional feature that you can store character-bound items in the GW2 bank, but not in SWTOR's Legacy Storage.
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