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06.30.2016 , 11:30 AM | #10
I feel a bit silly because this is two days late. I had forgotten that around now narratively I was going to include a section which has been written for the better part of a month. So Friday after the rehearsal I was chilling in a lawn chair thinking to myself I wouldn't be behind schedule for this week's update.

And then I derped hard and ended up having to write a dialogue-heavy chapter. Dialogue is hard, yo. I'm definitely learning that I need to write more detailed notes for things. "Detained on orbital station" is pretty useless, let's be honest. Longer than usual episode this week. (Does three total posts get to count as "usual"?) In my defense it would have been published yesterday but I spent all day working on a friend's garage and got home and was like "screw writing, murder people on Overwatch!"


Episode III
Nonne mei fratres congruitis nobis nostram cruore ferroque humum recipienda esse aut Imperium Aeternum quae omnia speremus peregerimusque vere perdat?
Conquering the Darkest Places, the ongoing misadventures of a Sith doing what's right by her.