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So, some time ago, being last summer, I started participating in the Short Fiction Weekly Challenge Thread (big props to Striges for running it for years and years!) I really enjoy the community and stories there, even if I haven't posted anything for a long while. But as August started to close, I had been playing my Sith Warrior, leveling through the story. And I wanted to do something more than short stories, something longer, more coherent. Warrior was the first character I ever played on the live release of TOR (we don't talk about my bug-fueled Shadow from closed beta), but I had been putting it off doing it again three years later, partially for some painful memories that accompanied the story. But you know, I finally started it and had a blast. I played more pragmatically - my previous playthrough had been a lot of MASH BUTANS! DARK SIDE CHOICES! as a narrative sacrifice in the name of hitting gameplay dark V. Oh sure, this new warrior - Authenta - was merciless, but she wasn't an idiot. She also maybe kind of had a compassionate streak. Sometimes.

"Treat your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you... even unto death."

And I completely fell in love with this much different take on the story; it was, honestly, fairly close to how I am as a person. I paid very close attention to the Warrior story, and knowing I would forget it all anyway, recorded videos of every cutscene and every conversation, from level one through to smashing the Skytrooper factory on Darvannis with the Mandalorians. (non sequitur, but dubya tee eff, mate, why there? Darvannis is a terrible, worthless planet. But that is an exploration for another day). I kept a notebook... trying to figure out random plot points: both of my own devising and trying to explain the more silly ones, we'll say from Bioware's. I built personalities, histories, names, faces, civilizations. I've always had a fantastically active imagination, but I could never draw for ****, and honestly never well. But I have a gift for language, and so I decided due to the influence of the short fiction thread that I would put everything thundering around in my head to page. You know, after "only" ten months. An homage to writers far greater than I. This, I think, is going to take more than one post. I hope you, dear reader if you are still with me, are ready for a long ride. It may be amusing, or terrifying, or inspiring, or compelling, or heartbreaking... or a thousand other emotions for which there are no words. But what comes to mind first is probably "mediocre."

So, this is that story. This is Authenta's story. This is...

Conquering the Darkest Places
Episode I

Tune in next week! Same Sith time, same Sith channel
Nonne mei fratres congruitis nobis nostram cruore ferroque humum recipienda esse aut Imperium Aeternum quae omnia speremus peregerimusque vere perdat?
Conquering the Darkest Places, the ongoing misadventures of a Sith doing what's right by her.