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10.21.2019 , 11:15 AM | #15
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Hey folks,

Some quick status for you. I know you are all eager for the Onslaught patch notes and they are coming today but I wouldn't expect them until later this afternoon. They are huge so publishing them takes a while .

Also just to clear up any confusion,

Eric, can you please stop ignoring THIS:

I've supported u guys for 8+ years, through thick & thin, but your silence on this ^ blunder is both deafening & disappointing tbqh.

If u guys don't care about us "crying" gamers "whining" about 1 week of rewards (which btw is actually NOT what has me so disappointed, but rather the principal of the matter and "announcement" ) how can u guys not at least acknowledge what detrimental effect it will have on the Customer Service team tomorrow? Why not just avoid all that extra mess by simply coding this week's Conquest rewards to match-up with the very same yields displaying right now IN-GAME on the ui to the mostly unaware playerbase?
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