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No Stain. The fact that it is a melee class and has no casted abilities literally means that it can not get shut down. Fury marauder is currently the epitome of a class that will not get shut down because ontop of everything else it has stun immunity. But I wouldn't expect a **** mara main that only plays 4 dps solo ranked games to understand that.

Now this is just plain wrong. 1) Marauder does not have any stun DR. Cloak of pain is not stun DR either. 2) There are no classes in SWTOR that have 50% stun DR.

The fact is Stain you have no idea wut you are talking about. You don't play at an elite level. Your top 3 is a perfect example of how the rating system does not reflect skill. You don't play any other game mode other than 4v4 dps solo ranked games. You have no idea what the meta of this game is. You're posts are unproductive, misinformed, ignorant, and at times blatantly wrong.

I didnt mean any stun dr it is the guy i quoted said about stun dr and i tried to guess what he meant and my best guess was he meant using cloak of pain while stunned which msy be possible with proper utility. U are also wrong about me. I have top 3 mando from season 10 and 2 gold mercs, gold sniper and 2 gold slingers so i see it from range prospect too.

Marauder cant be shut down but it can be killed easy thats all. U can't do dps when ur dead. And about dps games - i wrote before that mara is op in heal games yes. But in pure dps games which are more frequent mara isnt that fotm