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Unfortunately, I think SGRAs are going the way of a certain "Dance Studio" or "Aerial PVP." This game is dying and lurching for F2P. SGRAs may make it in, but... it might be a pay to play kind of thing.

There are so many problems with this game, it just seems like this may be backburner. And if it's put foreburner, it may push a lot of people to leave, not because of Same Sex, but because their issues weren't correct first.

Blizzard is still succeeding without any RAs. Remember what this game copied.

I love the RAs, and would *love* to get some Mako with my Fem BH, but.. writing seems like it's on the wall.
This is nothing but speculation and guessing, and should be treated as such. Every single MMO has doomsayers, and we don't need that in this thread. Saying that WoW succeeded without the romance stories is completely irrelevant; WoW wasn't designed for companions and all that comes with them, so the comparison makes no sense. If TOR was doing well and WoW wasn't, would you say it was because WoW lacked romance arcs? As for claiming the writing is on the wall, yes, the game is having some problems. But making vague statements without anything to back them up serves no purpose at all.

As I've said before, lack of news is only that: lack of news. Not hearing anything recently about SGRs does not mean they're not still being worked on. Anything other than actual word from BioWare is just a guess.

Also: can you imagine the utter [expletive]-storm that would happen if BioWare made it so people had to pay extra for SGRs? If they made it so straight relationships were free, but players were charged for gay ones? It would lead to some of the worst protests and worst press this game has ever seen, and BW would lose any recognition they had for supporting equality. I highly doubt anyone at BW is that stupid.

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well they said " latter this year" alll the time, then at comic con it's " in the next year or so"
"In the next year or so" still includes this year. And I don't know if that was intended to be an official statement, or if it was just an off-the-cuff sort of thing. Hopefully we'll get a more definitive answer when we start hearing about patch 1.4.