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Unfortunately, I think SGRAs are going the way of a certain "Dance Studio" or "Aerial PVP." This game is dying and lurching for F2P. SGRAs may make it in, but... it might be a pay to play kind of thing.

There are so many problems with this game, it just seems like this may be backburner. And if it's put foreburner, it may push a lot of people to leave, not because of Same Sex, but because their issues weren't correct first.

Blizzard is still succeeding without any RAs. Remember what this game copied.

I love the RAs, and would *love* to get some Mako with my Fem BH, but.. writing seems like it's on the wall.
Where exactly are you getting this information? I think most of us would like to know. I agree that female BH and Mako would be hot. But seriously, I think your predictions of doom are a bit premature.
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