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Before I even start - I know, I know, QQ qq qQ Qq blah blah blah. I don't know when you suddenly couldn't criticize or point out failed promises or abuses by companies but whatever.

I'm in online game development, I can feel a lot of Bioware's pain in this early access thing. I'm not upset at them yet, and nor will I be until they break their last modified promise to me as a paying customer. The entire reason I pre-ordered when I did was for 5 days of early access. This was promised to me at the time of sale, and was essentially the entire driving force behind my purchase (in early August). If I don't get my 5 days, then I'll be upset and feel like my contract of sale was broken and hope they provide some form of compensation for this.

So good luck Bioware, we're all counting on you. I'm a reasonable person, and as such only hope that you can do good on your promises to your paying customers and if not then you make it right.

Sooooo.... did you know that it is still 7 days before release?... must not, because you said 5... but its 7... meaning your mad before your ALLOWED to be by your statement. lmao, PS. the "pre-order early access" is a BENIFIT of pre-order...not a guarantee. This was explained in the EULA related to the pre-order.

I prolly wont get in until the 15th or so, but am fine with it. I hope people like you just uninstall and ask for a refund. Dont care for people with no patience and attitude towards people who are trying to be nice. "validate your parking to save you some money sir?" -responds with "you HAVE to validate a******, you OWE me to validate and the only reason i parked her is because you offered it. THIS IS BS if you DONT validate it even though its a kind gesture."