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I think that until we spend tons of posts to say what we want and what we don`t want, we`re doing exactly what BW want: keep talking.

At this point all reasonable guesses are made, we should keep asking: WHEN?
My guess is they will implement new romance options/companions once they fix what is already bugged/broken in the game. At this point, if they try and implement something on a large scale, and I imagine new companions and their story lines would fall under 'large scale content' (which could mean an expansion pack), the game could possibly break even more. It would be like adding more bricks onto a wall that isn't as stable as it should be, if that makes sense. BW has already stated that they would rather get some things fixed first. It doesn't mean they aren't working on it. After all, they have teams working on certain aspects of the game.


I know it's getting frustrating that they haven't even given a ballpark ETA and they are posting the same 'canned' response. But, perhaps they are telling us all they can at this moment. Personally, I would rather BW takes their time on this instead of rushing. I know people say that this should have been in at launch and we can only speculate why it wasn't. I also think there is more to the story than they are telling us.

BW is the producer. EA is the publisher. My theory is EA only allowed BW to include certain things at launch for whatever reason. Of course, that is just a theory and I could be wrong.