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The past few weeks I've done much research into figuring out what exactly may be either A) Wrong with my system, or B) Wrong with your game engine.

I've searched countless threads on this issue - The most profound fps issues people (And myself) are experiencing are obviously when more than X number of characters appear in one area, and namely in warzones (Notably The Voidstar). Note ALL of these threads, every last one ends in supporting simply ceasing discussion and offering no explanation, or further assistance past simply "Update windows, update drivers, bla bla bla."

My issues: NOTE: I receive 60fps consistently outside the following situations: Most importantly - In warzones I can achieve as low as 20-25fps whilst amongst most of the players in the warzone battling it out - This affects my performance personally, as well as my enjoyment of the game. Less important, more of an annoyance is on fleet I will achieve as low as 30-35fps when the fleet is highly populated. Frankly I don't care that I receive lower than 60fps on fleet, however in a warzone with only 16 players visible maximum at any given time, it's pathetic receiving any lower than a constant 60fps. Note these issues have been exactly the same throughout 1.2 and 1.3 - 1.3 offered no performance increase at all.

My settings: Everything on Very High (Including Visible Character Limit, dropping this helps in Fleet, but obviously does nothing to help in warzones). I have AA in-game on, and don't use FXAA as it will blur the text and interface as well. Note I have tried mixing and matching settings, all low, all high - Tweaking some settings via the NVIDIA Control Panel. Nothing makes any difference to the base-line low fps I will receive.

My system: I'm not going to call it high-end, obviously you can achieve much better quite easily - However this is certainly enough to run a game like this, and also runs both BF3 and Crysis 2 at max settings with full HD textures at 1080p without dropping below 60fps at all. No exaggeration.

Monitoring system: Throughout the past few weeks I've monitored the system, ensuring nothing is bottle-necking, hardware-wise.
CPU: CPU usage overall will never reach over 30-35%, and never moves higher or lower when receiving the lowest fps, temperature sits at around 50C. Not I have disabled core parking also, this may reduce stutter ever so slightly, but does not help overall. I have also tried disabling HT, this does not help at all.
GPU: GPU usage never exceeds about 50% unless loading maps. Even whilst receiving the lowest fps GPU usage will not move above or below that mark. Temperature never exceeds 53-54C. Note, I have also tried forcing constant voltages and clock speeds to this model temporarily, this does not help. The highest utilized VRAM sits at around 800MB.
SSD's: Regardless of how many files are currently being read or written to, the drive achieve consistent 1ms seek times.
RAM: Usage sits between 4-6GB. Page faults are very low even after long game play (RAM being paged).

8gb RAM (Usually 16gb HyperX Kingston, had to swap out temporarily - Note performance is EXACTLY the same)
Intel 330 SSD X 2 (One running Windows, the other running SWTOR)
Gigabyte GTX 670 OC'd

What I have already tried before constructing this post: Clean install of both Windows 7, drivers and SWTOR. RAMDisk: This did not help at all, it MAY have increased the base lower fps I receive very slightly, but not significantly enough to continue utilizing. Running as administrator, under compatibility modes. Running from different locations. Hardware: I had upgraded from an older SSD to two newer Intel 330's - I also upgraded from a 560 Ti GFX card to the GTX 670.

So I now leave it in your hands support - Although I expect to receive absolutely no fix, or any suggestions at all - At the very least I want a reply from a BW employee either: A) Acknowledging their game engine is currently not up to the task. B) Giving me some indication as to whether BW is currently working on overhauling the current engine to improve performance. C) Totally avoiding the fact their engine has issues.

I hope I receive some information from BW here, and not some thread hijackers looking to defend their loved game, as I have noticed in other support threads. I love this game too - But I need some answers here.
I am having an almost identical experience, I am used to fixing games with problems like this. A prime example was an extremely buggy game Alice - Madness Returns. I have this title running perfectly now mainly tweaking .INI settings files and using .EXE tweaks and programs such as GAME BOOSTER.

All my efforts have gotten me almost nowhere with SWTOR.
I used to sit on a comfortable 60 frames and drop like explained in the quote.
They are now bouncing from 58-112 frames in general leveling areas. In the fleet I am sitting on 39-112 frames. In OPS/FP and PVP arenas the frames bounces from 20-50.

The main thing which helped a lot with Alice I did was force the application to aim a lot higher.
The games .INI settings had the game aiming for abut 40-60 (around about from memory, was some time ago now) frames per second.
Pushing it up to aim for 60-100 frames per second removed the problem almost entirely.

There are no settings or files I have found which will allow me to tweak in this kind of fashion.
Are there any files in the games directories which will give me control of the games engine?

I also have Battlefield 3 and a good few other online games which I can also run with all the graphical settings maxed.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OS, Intel Quad Core i5 @2.8GHz CPU, 12GB Kingston Extreme RAM, Sapphire 2GB HD6970 Flex/VaporX/Battlefield3 Edition GFX
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