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For ranked arenas I fully agree, for normal ranked I do not agree. There are much better ways to deter afk'ers, and rage quitters than having a lock out that only infuriates most of the pvpers and does nothing to prevent folks from afk'ing in matches that are losses, maps they don't like, ext.

PvP in general has no real incentives for folks to participate in it, since galactic command and rng gear boxes entered the gearing system of swtor 5.0 and beyond. Pre 5.0 folks received pvp comms and could buy actual pvp gear from a pvp vendor, just like pve folks could from a pve vendor. Folks could buy the pieces of gear they wanted, the armors, mods, enhancements, barrels, hilts that they wanted - gearing was way better than. Also pre 5.0 you had way less rage quitters, and afkers than you do currently.
i think you are looking at it from the wrong perspective, from a single-player point of view the deserter lockout is bad cause it prevents them from queueing again, but from Bioware point of view, the deserter lockout prevents the warzone quality for the OTHER 15 players from declining. Naturally, more incentives and features are good, there has been a handful of good suggestions posted in this thread so far, but to ensure that the match quality for all the players in the warzone, the deserter lockout needs to stay as is

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