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Quote: Originally Posted by SushaBrancaleone View Post
lets assume we both want a ferrari
one will work for it
the other one wants it for free.
we could discuss that the first person might not want it if it was free.
See what I did there?
Worst analogy ever. A proper one would go like this:

We both want a Ferrari.
The manufacturer insists that we eat brownies made with dog poo in order to get it.
Some people are willing to eat dog poo.
Other people say, "Can't we just pay money that we earned from our regular jobs?"
The people willing to eat the dog poo accuse the others of wanting something for nothing..

If you want to do end-game content, that's great. You should get your sweet gear quickly. If other people want to do solo PvE content, that's great. They should be able to buy the same gear, but probably a lot slower.
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