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So trying to force people to play parts of the game they don't enjoy (here some group activities such as PvP and Ops) to get decos or outfits, that basically have nothing to do with group content, locking these items out of the parts of the game they enjoy is perfectly fine.

But these same people barely asking to get another way to get the decos in an activity they actually like is not OK ?

They don't want to takle away from you, they want the ability to get the same thing via another way as well.

I honnestly can understand their frustration. I'd love to have the Resourceful Renegade set, but it's seemingly only available as a PvP reward, and i absolutely hate PvP.
Why should i force myself through something I hate for 1 outfit, and why should I force other people to deal with my lack of skills and interest in PvP just for that outfit ? That will be unpleasant for everyone...
It's a carrot, not a mandate. You don't have to do anything in game except PvE. The other activities attract players to them by offering unique items by doing that activity only. There's nothing odd or wrong about this. Exclusive gear/decos are the perfect way to entice players to try something without forcing anyone to actually do it. If you really want something, you'll do what you need to do to get it (look at all the PvPers on Ossus running PvE for gear).
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