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Here's a hug! Come hang out on the couch. We've got puppies and kitties and sugar gliders! Trust me, it's better than feeding the trolls. Do you have any ideas about the possiblity of pets as a way to introduce new SGR and OGR content? I think it would help all those that are already 50 to have the chance to open up a romance arc. Say, buy it in the Fleet(the security key vendor idea is awesome!). Next to it, there would be a little note that says, "for romance" next to the pet. That way, you don't buy the wrong item and romance the wrong toon(i.e Getting Vette a kitten instead of an Underworld Good. Love Vette, but she's my lil sis) Then, I could romance DS Jaesa away and my poor SW won't be so lonely in her ship.
Actually, I would love to see pets in the game expanded on, in general. Giving one as a "companion to the companion" would be a good addition for ALL romances.

Yes, I saw the reference to Leliana and her nug earlier in the thread. I LOVED that whole arc, and Leliana was the only character in that whole game I could romance, no matter what gender my Warden was. When Morrigan was asking me what I saw in her, I wanted to throttle the witch! What's NOT to love about Leliana? She's an adorable redhead assassin-bard that loves animals.

And the accent... gracious me...

But anyway! I think, actually, giving a particular romance gift would be a better way to start ANY companion romance than looking for a "Flirt" option in their dialogue; that way there's no possible way you could even accidentally initiate one.