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The win requirement is a good thing. Makes people try and win instead of afking in a corner somewhere.
Your opinion. Mine is that it is terrible.

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I'm heavily against map choice. That would just lead to certain maps never being played. A map voting prompted during the queue pop similar to something like CoD? Sure that could work. A straight up map selection though? No definitely not unless it comes with a stipulation that removing maps from the queue will remove your eligibility to complete the daily/weekly.
Which is why we verbally spar all the time because we're diametrically opposed. No, map selection may not be great, but map or two, that would be helpful. I loathe quesh. It is the only map I REFUSE to do.

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It is impossible tell if someone DC's intentionally or not, and as I've said countless times before, if you have DC problems then fix your internet first before queuing.
Forgive me if I take Trixxie's word on this over yours.

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Class balancing will be a forever issue. The closest we got to perfect balance was 2.x-3.x and it still had problems.
That is a POOR excuse to avoid addressing the problem.

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Losses should not count. The original daily/weekly required wins and the worst thing they did was change it to losses counting. It lead to people just afking and not trying. If you want your daily you should have to earn it.
Just as the deserter debuff has done.

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As I said earlier, its IMPOSSIBLE to detect if a DC is intentional or not. A one size fits all penalty is the best solution. If you get a random DC then well that sucks, it happens. Take a break and requeue later. If you continuously DC? Stop queuing and fix your internet because you're becoming a detriment to other players experiences.
Friend of mine suggested an alternative

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Do pray tell how you would deal with the number farmers? I'm quite curious what your answer is considering the two things that exist currently to dissuade number farming you want changed back to encourage it. As toxic as those players are, there's little you can do to change it, unless you advocate removing the scoreboard which is a HORRIBLE idea.
It is not my job to generate solutions that will only be ignored. WoW had a system of ranks in PvP which was missed when it was removed. Perhaps introducing that here (along with titles) would be a nice start. But, these ranks only count for won warzones. You can still farm, but now it requires winning too. That is one thought.

Why is removing the scoreboard a horrible idea? I am genuinely intrigued by your opposition to this. An explanation could be enlightening. This ego massaging and validation some seek in warzones is obnoxious. Bitter rivalry and intense competition need not be one and the same.