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Common among really bad players maybe.

It is a foolish strategy since the turrets DO NOT deaggro, meaning players have to die before they can leave the fp.

It takes no time at all to kill the turrets, especially in vet fp, as long as even one of the level 75's is a half-decent dps.
I HATE skipping turrets because of this exact reason.
Anyone who skips them without telling the group in advance is not only a coward but a traitor.

Got HS today where I was the only lv75, I stood in position waiting for the others to heal up/get ready, but the lv5x ran without a word. Some poor lv3x got aggro and died at the end of the bridge. The other two were <50% HP, none of us has battle rev, so he had to stay dead through out the rest of the FP. The boss fight took longer because our dps were low even without one man down (my new toon was on a new server with only 276 gear and no appropriate tactic).

"Your weakness is in your blood!" Yeah, those silent turrets runner are weaklings!