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LoL, NiM raider wants content that's not even relevant to himself to be nerfed so that average players will struggle with it, simply because he's salty that it's not harder.....

I've raided at all levels in this game, got the timed NiM run titles back in the day. Mostly play casual now, and let me tell you: 90% of the playerbase cannot farm HM, and even struggle with SM occasionally true story.

Yes, this may be laughable to anyone with a decent amount of raiding experience, but it's true.

Remove VE and you will drive the casuals out of this game. We can't afford to do that because the game is funded by the casuals and running them off would literally kill the game.

So no thanks.
what people of all skill groups still dont realize is that its not about the the "elitist wanting harder content" nor the "whiners wanna faceroll" everything.
the problem is the huge skill gap between hm and NiM and people doing HM raids have simply no good way to train and get prepared for NiM anymore.
the learning curve is just way too steep right now, even with recently added buffs to stats.

ofc the problem would transfer over to SM vs. HM, and when removing stacks from sm, it will be the same with story chapters vs. SM raids.
BW went the wrong way here a while ago and tried to fix this in the last couple of months with out seeing the consequences.
i fear they gotta rework the whole game diificulty according to current NiM situation or adjust all legacy NiMs to the according to 6.1 diffculty again, while raising the difficulty levels of upcomming raids overall through all modes.
the current situation is helping no one at all and will lead to more "elitists" vs. "casual" debates and futher to a dieing game cuz of lacking offspring for the raid community.