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For those having trouble clearing SM & HM, I think a lot of the time people may not have the right set bonus/amps/tacticals. These are the only real "gear checK' in HM after 306 (mastery endurance power are capped).


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We did SnV HM \ Vet recently with very mixed group (some people with little experience in raiding) and Styrak did enrage.
That kind of proves my point if you can bring "noobs" into HM styrak. It sounds like you cleared it even though it enraged -- which happened a lot in 5.x imo.

There is a trick you can do to increase your DPS on the Kell Dragon that revolve around reflecting the spines. Have everyone with a reflect -- such as scoundrel dodge with reflect utility -- purposefully stand close to the dragon while he is spinning in the last 15% of the channel. Once they have the spines and the dragon stops spinning, hit your reflect. Reflecting during the spin is pointless because the dragon has extra DR, which is why you don't reflect until afterward.

You can also reflect or rebounder much of the lightning stuff that Styrak does.
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I believe he's quoting a frequent contributor to these forums. His name is Strawman.
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Thanks Rion Starbrah.