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you are pretty wrong here, iam playing mercenary too and i see how this ability is overpowered. Considering this game has tonnes of stuns (operative has 2, sin had stun + leg slash, sorcs's stun with proper utility has only 30 seconds cooldown etc) having something which blocks save abilities even when you have full whitebar is way too overpowered. Literally the focused guy is doomed. How can someone except another merc survive double stun + electro net when 3-4 guys are on him? And it's only merc who has this overpowered thing. Net can be kept only if you remove half of stuns and roots in this game literally
A well focused person who gets stunned repeatedly is dead with or without net. And I f someone has the skill to survive being focused by 3-4 people normally, thereís a solid chance they will survive being netted. Hell, Iíve survived net on almost every class. As I said, the real problem is being netted multiple times in a row, which is a class stacking issue, and one that exists in every class, not just Merc.