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06.30.2021 , 05:31 PM | #2
Electro not is a powerful ability and can be annoying for sure. However, it is a necessary evil in my opinion. Without net healer sorcs/sages would be even more of a pain to kill than they already are. Concealment operatives would also be much more of a pain. Many classes have too many get out of jail free cards as it is and net is the sole counter for those.

That said, you can still work around net. First, do not break stuns. As a merc I will stun my target even if it will white bar them in the hopes that they will break the stun. If I hear them break the stun, I will then net them and kill them with impunity. The anti escape aspect of net can be broken. It will still damage you if you move, but in the case of operatives that is negligible especially if you are concealment. Break the net and roll off their big hitters. Pop a couple probes on and you should outlast the net. Then you can escape combat and go invisible to run away and heal up.

Again, the best counter is to save your breaker for net and use other cooldowns proactively to survive the short stuns.