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01.20.2021 , 08:56 PM | #10079
I did got a new player who said he's new.
It was Cademimu and he's the only lv75, a tank even.

It was fun because even though we died a few times, we knew he was trying so no one's being a dick about the accidents. We did lol at him jumping on the long lift and died of fall damage... it was amusing watching new players do that and learned it the hard way (like I did). He even remembered what I asked him at the beginning and put guard on me (heal) every time after he died so hey, that's good. Better than that one "veteran" jerk tank I got from a MM FP who said I was a noob for asking for guard, after he stood there and watched me used up all my DCDs and killed by the whole group of trash because the jerk tank can't hold aggro so I ended up getting all the aggro trying to keep the whole team, especially the poor DPS, alive. That earned my rage quit and the tank on my ignore list.