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I tend slightly to the quicker change side of things in preference.
I lean to ward the slower rate of change, if only because no one suddenly steps up their level of play in 20 matches. That's very quick. Someone doesn't go from strong vet to Ace, or from Ace to Elite Ace in 20 matches. So by having a slower rate we do at least cover off other factors that effect their damage.

I do also have in the back of my mind the scenario, what if Drako decided to do a hard support "no kills challenge." What sort of win rate would that produce if solo queuing for a bunch of games? I'm wagering well over 50%. There would still be accidental kills I'm sure, but a scoreline like: 2 22 0 108570 52% 278 17, would be perfectly reasonable. Likely game-winning as well.
I have kind of done this. I don't think there's any scenario where you are a "no kills" player with that skill level. Because an Ace in a support role can still make kills, and should. But I have a toon that is exclusively support. T3F repairs, beacon and repairs bombers, Tensor. Win ratio currently stands at 65%.
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