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Most of the credit system in the old republic is digital and network based, so its not too far fetched to me to say that the Muun banking clan would be very angry when a bounty hunter and smuggler pair steal from them, right after the muun just finished siphoning credits from the Republic & Empire.

People wake up to find their accounts have been brought down to a measly 1,000,000 credits. and hollo their banks, go to their banks, and find everyone is angry with the banks. The leaders of both factions have to go on the Holonet to state that economic terrorists have stuck and all efforts are under way to find them.

we end up going to Nar Shaddaa, Illum , and find some make shift data center in a really cool place. we end up in a muun system, and find their banking capital. we have to land on the moon of their banking capital to get access to the world below, and to do so must complete some missions.

Their banking system has that has a separate setup from the Republic and Empire, and as we progress, they start having negotiations with the empire and republic for the proprietary security systems that surround their banking infrastructure.

it is mentioned in passing that before we landed on the planet some time ago a bounter hunter and smuggler had arrived with an entourage saying they have recently come into some new wealth, and were looking to purchase a mining planet , They were directed to Apatros.

The Hutt cartel gets wind of this some how... and manage to get the smugglers ship with them on it. ( they traveled in separate ships as they don't quite trust each other ) so now you have a choice to make, go after the bounty hunter and their group, or go after the smuggler group.

either way, it ends with you getting paid 1 million credits from your factions government as a thank you for helping get to the bottom of it, and no one is happy, but the players get some story content behind removing the copious amounts of credits that were introduced from the methods described in many youtube videos from moons ago.
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