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Ok so I've read the full writeup here and the system as slated for 1.3 seems to have a few problems.

"Internally, mods make our items inordinately more data-complex and intensive than the items in the average item heavy game, and those complexities are compounded by a live environment."

So then why add several tiers of augment slots which will add even more complexity?

There are two problems with the system as proposed:
  1. If crafters are to be viable, then paying credits to a vendor for an augment slot upgrade makes crafters pointless.
  2. The system is too data-complex.

Solution: Make it so crit crafting gives the base item plus an augment kit. The kit can be used on the same type of item - Synthweaving, Armormech, Artifice, or Armstech. Augment kits should only come from crafters on a crit craft. Augment kits allow an augment to be used on an item, no need to keep track of what type of augment slot and what augment is in the slot, just what augment is in the slot.

This suggestion eliminates several levels of complexity in the database for:
  1. 6 levels of crafting mats
  2. 5 levels of augment upgrade kits
  3. 6 levels of types of augments on items
  4. 6 levels of crafting mats and kits in bankspace and inventory for the database to keep track per crafter

It adds:
  1. 4 types of augment kits
  2. Categorizing augmentable items by craft, including social armor and boss drops

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