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12.13.2011 , 09:40 AM | #1183
BW went to the trouble of sending people information in advance about getting into the BETA weekends.

BW went to the trouble of sending guilds information in advance about what servers they were assigned to

BW didnt bother to go to the trouble of telling people what day they are likely to get into Early Access.

This is both ironic and completely stupid.

BW have access to account information that records when people redeemed their codes: Check

BW have access to the amount of codes that are redeemed: Check

Logical Deduction.

Determine how many people you intend to let in per wave or day and divide the total number by that.

You will end up with a pretty rough estimate of when people would get in and be able to e-mail that in advance. Add an extra day if you want a margin for error.

People are going to be more pleased with potentially getting in EARLY than late and you would get praised for people getting in early. Instead your screwing people into impatiently waiting on the edge of their seat with no ability to guage when they will get i at all.