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I keep a fairly close eye on the developer tracker, and I don't remember ever reading that. Unless it was said during an interview at a guild event or gaming convention somewhere, I honestly don't believe it. Unless you can point me to a post where they actually confirmed it?

TBH I am not for or against it. marriage/romance in this game has absolutely no point in this game as it stands so IMHO there might as well not even be a romance option in this game anyway. I will admit there are people who might care. This is just my opinion.
Dont know if you read it or not, but on page one of this thread you can read the official que up from BioWare, and in a thread he refrenced it will answer your question of if

And for the record I am FOR the addition of SGRA, would be awsome if I could romance Nadia Grell, but I think its pretty unlikely that companions currently in game will be romancable, if I missed a post that confirmed this for sure them I am sorry, but from what I have read on various posts I think only the new companions will be SGRAble. I dont often hope I am wrong, but this time I do