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Seriously, this could have potential to be a fix for what is happening. We are mostly all adults, yes we are pissed off, but please be civil. Yelling and name calling is not going to help the situation.

I appreciate the team is listening to us but at the same time it feels like this is a child's tug of war game.

I enjoyed actually the new companion system and getting things done and not needing help. I get that people were ************ like crazy for what feels like stupid reasons. Some people like huge challenges, others don't. I have very limited time to play, and I like to play. But due to my life which has been very stressful, I don't have time to do things like wait in a group que, guild run, heroic or raids. I just flat out don't have the time.

The companion system I thought was awesome. I was able to solo star fortress on regular mode, it was not easy for me, but I could get through it on my own. Now I'm reading that it's not solo-able at all (even with companion heals.)
I get that some people find it too easy. I get that some people like it.

My request would be for you to do something like what was done for the XP boost the last few months (which was awesome by the way). People were complaining, and you guys put out a bot that sold a free item so that it would take the xp boost off of that character. Could you do something like that for this? I'm not sure how it could work on PVP servers, but that way it gives the players a chance to use the companions in the best way for the player.

I've enjoyed the expansion as I love storyline and rp. I am not a pvp'er. But now, if I'm going to be struggling and waiting around for help, its going to have some serious problems on me playing. I left WoW because it got to a point once you level that all you could do was raid. I love swtor because its not the same. I would really like to see something where it could be beneficial to any player as to how powerful they want their companions to be. If it would be possible to mimic the xp buff and item to turn it off, except for companion strength (turn it off drops it to whatever) leave it keeps it where it was. That would be awesome in my opinion.

Just my suggestion, thank you.

in short-
Like the XP boost item to turn it off for players who felt the game was going too fast. (I was not one of those)
If you were given an option to be able to turn on and off companions being able to do a lot or a little, would you be okay/happy with that?

Obviously my vote is yes

The key here, would be NOT to screw over players who are using or not using the buff. I love getting furniture and things going through star fortress, but I can't do it w/o my companion. If you boost the stats again, don't take that away from me.

I think rewards would be have to be very dependent, as essentially raising or declining either way is hurting someone. Just because one person is amazing at figuring out how to play their class and crips everything, does not mean that I am anywhere near that good. Neither of us should be punished for deciding we need the extra or don't need the extra help. Also considering things like learning disorders. Don't punish anyone for something that is not their fault.

My thoughts as to PVP and Heroics- if this is done, balance.

PVP arena you don't have a companion out anyways, auto remove the buff for arenas. Buff turns back on as soon as you leave the arena.

Heroic/group missions- possibly average it out? Have something where it figures out who is using the buff and who is not and basic add together and divide to find the medium. Or even have an option if you want the GROUP to USE the buff or NOT for the instance. Majority of votes win? So you group up and que, when you get an instance and are ready to go- everyone gets an option of buff on or off. Majority of votes wins. People who don't want it can easily que together or find people who don't want it. Or run it again.

Combining these two topics
Thank you dev's for Theron Shan !!!!!!! Now just please don't kill him...
aka this >>>