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02.03.2017 , 11:17 AM | #10
Sadly, Components remain restricted to PvP. I have to get over 1000 additional components to upgrade all my tokens to 242 gear, and I don't enjoy PvP too much, GSF even less. There were many suggestions to have components drop from flashpoints and uprisings to give PvE players a way to upgrade their gear (because seriously, 242 only dropping from NiM bosses is a joke, only a handful guilds can kill NiM endbosses), but you ignored them.

So I guess I have to continue queueing for PvP, and even when I'm sick and tired of PvP for the day, it's not enough, so I'll just put in the least effort and go AFK when it's clear we'll lose the match, anything to continue earning components. I hate letting the teammates down, but at this point, the frustration from the grind is bigger than any backlash I'd get from other players, which is entirely the devs' fault for designing such a flawed system.

Having components drop from the daily/weekly quest is a welcoming change but I doubt it will make much of a difference; I have to play like 5x times as many warzones per day as are required by the daily. For the daily/weekly quests to make a difference, the daily would have to drop 30+ components and the weekly 150+. We'll see by how much the Components per match get increased, but going by the CXP changes it will probably only be a 50% increase at most, which is not nearly enough, and February 28 is too late anyway.
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