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So... title. Is there any way to do this? I recently returned to the game and this is one of the few things I was going to see change. I like my stronghold locations, but having to pick three at any given time and lose all their decoration placements if I deactivate one is a real bummer.
It has *always* been possible to have more than three active at once. (EDIT: except before the Stronghold feature launched, duh, when you couldn't have any.) When the feature launched, there were four and you could have all four active, and except briefly after Yavin was added (the fifth), they've never made it impossible to have fewer active than the total number of different strongholds.

EDIT: caveat: if you had strongholds on mutliple servers before the server merge in November 2017, you might have ended up having multiple instances of the same three strongholds on a single server, but that's a specific situation, but even there, you have more than three strongholds. If you have one of each, you are limited to, I believe, 15 or 20 different strongholds, which is more than the current number of different strongholds.
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