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10.13.2021 , 05:03 PM | #4
Holy CRAP, I just finished Makeb on my Juggernaut, and it was beyond idiotic how much I was getting bounced and tossed and yanked back and forth. I would jump in and be immune for 4 seconds, or whatever it is, but the enemy would just wait for that to expire, and bounce me away. Then he'd yank me back and then some other enemy would yank me back the other way. Then he'd bounce me away. At that point, they'd stun me or knock me down, or root me or whatever else controls they could pile on these characters. And that battle with the Archon... tosses me to the far opposite side of the room, then does a giant oneshot red blast you can no longer avoid or dodge because the cone is huge at that distance, and you're rooted anyway...

It's too much. REALLY too much. There needs to be something to make this less onerous... especially for tanks, but melee in general.