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He all,

Looking for an Impside guild that we could become a sister guild with. We have all the perks but are looking for more people to start forming up raid groups, etc. Anyway we can bolster our ranks would be great. Maybe your a pubside guild without a ship. we can take you into our fold. willing to discuss every and all opportunities. ping me in discord The Kang#5150
I know this probably isn't what you want, nor what you requested, and i know we'd obviously have to chat first in-game (to make sure the *vibe* was similar, etc. ) but i'm just gonna throw this out there anyway.... IF , i say IF perhaps maybe u guys would consider merging into our guild , feel free to check us out here:

And yes, of course i would grant u guys/gals all special Ranks & perms , so you wouldn't feel like you've totally "lost all powers" or independence or whatever.

Just figured i'd offer since we're always looking to grow and get more competitive/consistant numbers. (like nearly every other guild )
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