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(IC Ascenedant) Project Ascendant: The Republic senate has authorized a settlement to be established in the outer rim. This settlement is to test to see how a small colony can fair without direct control from the Jedi Order and minimal assistance from The Republic. Given their recent turbulent history The Republic can no longer count on direct Jedi intervention to assist with The Republic's interest. That said the Project's goal is not to cut out the Jedi or their influence but, rather test the strength of a project that is ran primarily by Republic citizens. Jedi are welcome to the settlement as visitors or, those looking to stay for a time. Leadership of this settlement will fall to Republic Citizens. All citizens of the settlement will be processed by The Republic Authorities to help ensure Sith Imperial influence and, criminal influence of this new settlement is minimalized. Authorization to proceed with this project and, begin recruitment of settlers is granted

(IC Agrona's Roam) The blast door closes behind Vulus as he walks towards his desk. The anger from the message he received from the Dark Council was mostly let out on the messenger. He chuckles to himself as he pulls his hood back before talking to himself, "His ribs will heal." As he approaches the desk he takes a deep breathe before grunting and swinging his arm across the top of the desk sending datapads and the holocommunicator scattering across the floor. "Fools!", he says before turning on his heels pacing in front of his desk. "It's a damn suicide mission!" He takes another slow breathe in and adjusts the ceremonial eye covering that's common for Miralukans.

He talks a bit quieter now almost as if he were barking orders at an apprentice he was used to having at his side, "How do they expect us to inflict any damage with a retrofit ship, a hand full of mandalorians and a few imperial soldiers? Not even enough Sith to train with regularly? And of course given the state of the war no guaranteed regular reinforcements or supplies?! A guerilla war like we are pathetic Republic guard!" He crosses his arms before turning starting to slowly and, calmly pace in front of his desk. He smiles as he stops and reaches out his right hand towards the pile of that was thrown from his desk. The holocommunicator rises up before quickly flying into the palm of his hand. He mutters to himself, "Well, if they think this will kill me so easily they will be sorely mistaken."

(OOC) We are now a cross faction gaming community with an emphasis on fluid, member driven stories and development. We are a Heavy-RP community with the primary goal of keeping a welcoming and, open environment where our members and, their characters are the focus of the stories. Not just players in an extremely linear guild progression, premade story. We do our best to accommodate any reasonable character on either faction with an emphasis on realistic backstories. Our guild stories and, events will be built to allow flexibility for your character's to grow and, actually affect the stories we set up for you. We welcome any level of Roleplay experience and, only ask that you are respectful of Roleplay and, everyone's efforts in the guild

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