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06.02.2021 , 06:54 PM | #105
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Despite what you want to believe, the system does prioritize group vs group before putting group vs soio.
Do you start with a conclusion and then gather evidence to support it? I don't. It is good policy to gather evidence first and then draw a conclusion based upon the facts. I don't have evidence enough to tell determine what is going on, and it would be myopic to suggest otherwise. I am also not going to accept at face value what the developers claim when my experience is often very different. If you can find an instance where I have stated, unequivocally, that the system does or does not do [X], please find it. It would surprise me if you could find something as I seldom converse or write in absolutes.

A few nights ago I ran into the same premade for 4 games, then I changed characters and did not run into them. I was solo queuing the whole time. Since January I have not grouped with anyone for PvP. When I do, it is usually just one other person, and only for a game or two. Perhaps it does prioritize as you suggest, but it does a piss poor job of it.