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Right. The statue is like a utility thing, if I'm not mistaken. Like the Revan statue is a vendor and Senya status is a trainer. I'm looking for how companions or other personnel decorations look.

If not Satele Shan, any one else (from the Republic) of comparable stature to marr would be nice. (Above Gnost-Dural's level of importance.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mongorr View Post
You are talking about the Satele Shan holostatue, which is a portable class trainer. OlBuzzard probably referred to the Commemorative Statue of Satele Shan.

But yes, unfortunately there is no Satele Shan holo (or real) personnel deco. I'm in the same situation, currently redecorating my Alderaan SH into a Jedi Academy. I have to make do with Gnost Dural, the various nameless Jedi personnel decos, Don the exiled Knight and the holos from Master Jakir Halcyon, Seldin and Tau Idair.
** My apologies for not getting back to this ( I flat forgot about it ... no excuses )

** And yes the commemorative statue was the one I had in mind ! (sorry ... I should have been more clear)

** I was under the impression you were looking for some sort of deco that would "appear more lively" (If that makes sense) ... to which (as most everyone has pointed out) ... is not available.

I do think it would be very nice if there were a deco personage of Satele and other leaders (both Republic and Empire sides ). That could be very useful to a lot of folks.
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