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Although it can take a LONG time... I made myself a influence suit and it made that so much less tedious. After readin a post here I went to fleet/Lower Coruscant and just bought the 600 credit refundable gear until it got 1.8 or better influential. It's a little tedious but it's free. And rippin out the mods and puttin them in a legacy suit costs maybe 100 a piece. so even if you dual wield and use both weapons at msot it will cost maybe 1000 credits to make your gear suit.

If I know I am travelin with someone for a long time I try to get them to 25+ before I do any conversations.
When I say I invest in raising one comp's influence I'm talking about doing it all in one go, ie I get Darth Hexxid and give her enough gifts to get her to Rank 50. I then want to be able to use my Rank 50 Hexxid on my alts without having to through the time or resource sink to raise her to 50 again. I don't want to use Hexxid on all my alts either it's just that I'd more inclined to switch comps out across all my alts if I had a number of them all at level 50 instead of just the one and only level 50 comp I have for each character.

If you only have a few characters it's not that big a deal or issue but when you've got like 20 alts like I do it gets annoying/frustrating to raise one comp to level 50 across all those characters and whenever I end up getting to KOTFE/KOTET in the story I'm reminded of it further because I'm forced to use characters like Lana, Theron, etc, who are never going to be at their max efficiency during the story content.