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Thanks for the detailed reply. I have biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy on my main and was hoping to have slicing for the ability to support augment crafting. Your response suggests the value of this may be limited, due to the limited value of the three referenced crafting skills, though everyone wants/needs augments.

Any points of view on the relative value of the various dps augments (accuracy, alacrity, and versatile... I have crit covered with synthweaving alt)? I understand accuracy is the highest priority stat at end game but have also read that some elect to get it through means other than augments.
Versatile is useful *only* for max-level content because the stats it gives are capped / fixed in level-synced content.

Adding Accuracy is important until your accuracy percentage reaches 110%, and of no importance afterwards because the points you spend above 110% would give more benefit in other stats. It is very easy to reach that magic number using just enhancements, so Accuracy Augments are essentially purpose-free.

The balance between Alacrity and Crit is up complicated, and I'm not really deep enough into the minutiae of theorycrafting to offer any advice.
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