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You can goof around in both, it's just a game after all. It just shows that you have no respect for your team mates. Do you think peeps sign up for unranked to lose or to watch you goofing around?
Who said I lose?

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I leave arenas all the time and rather do something else for 15 mins, no big deal.
And goofing around is worse than this? I guess you don't care if your team 3v4's. Now that's the real lack of respect.


4v4 arenas are so much faster than regular warzones. It boggles my mind that people would leave. 5 mins of your time = GS points, conquest points, daily/weekly missions, end of match rewards. Basic math should tell you how good it is to play unranked arenas. But instead people leave and wait 15 min deserter lockout for a new 10-15 minute warzone that they've played thousands of times. How backwards is this logic?
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I believe he's quoting a frequent contributor to these forums. His name is Strawman.
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Thanks Rion Starbrah.