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Withered Tree and Irrigated Garden drop from Ossus WB kills. Seen them drop but not obtained either one.
^^ This is correct. These are World/Boss drops, BOP. They are not bugged because they are technically available, they're just almost impossible to get now (and were near impossible to get even when Ossus was endgame). In this post I tried to bring dev attention to the Ood Bnar Memorial deco (the absence of which does appear to be a bug), and suggested that all these bugged or functionally-almost-impossible-to-attain Ossus decos be made available on a vendor. If anyone supports that idea, it might be a thread worth resurrecting with a bump. (Along with the Ood Bnar Memorial being legitimately unavailable/bugged, so are the Void and Shifting Crystal Containers.)

Another deco that I didn't have in the initial bug report post I did in the Bugs forum, but which can be identified in my decos spreadsheet here, is the Luxurious Oval Rug (Purple). It's not even clear where this rug is supposed to come from, but as best as I am able to tell I don't think it actually exists.