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Guild Update 1/25/21
  • Imperial Guild: 307
  • Republic Guild: 190
  • Bonuses: 15% XP / 15% Renown / 10% RXP / 5% Alacrity
  • Perks on both sides: Currently focusing wealth / xp
  • Currently holding NiM Tryouts for the following flex positions: (1) Tank, (1) DPS, (1) Heals. Starparse & Discord are required.
  • Delta Team (HM Prog Team) is currently holding tryouts to fill their team. Current scheduled days are Tues / Wed. Times TBD. Contact Prudii / Rams'er for more info.

Endgame / Raiding Stuff

NiM Team: Epic *******s
  • Fridays 8:30 PM - 11PM US Central.
  • Weekends: Sat or Sun, depending on teams IRL schedules.

HM Prog: Delta Team
  • Tues / Wed: Time TBD
  • Raid Leaders: Prudii & Ramser
  • Team is currently looking for: (1) Healer (3) DPS

Please be aware that only progression teams are listed above. #raid-signup on our discord is where all HM / SM meme run raids are posted. We consider any raids posted to that channel as a "pickup" raid, and anyone in our guild is welcome to join and learn the raids / re-familiarize themselves with the mechanics.

Our Progression Teams from HM to NiM have a 95% attrition rate due to our expectations, 100% accountability zero excuses policy, and the fact that many people have weak psychological constitutions and their over-inflated egos make it impossible for them to accept they can do anything wrong, like not self-cleansing, standing in stupid, not interrupting, proper use of defensive CDs, and actually knowing the fight mechanics & their class.

We're ok with this, as it weeds out any weaponized autism, or drama.

If you're not breathing in a paper bag, want to step up, and clear HM / NiM in 6.0, where you don't have to get carried in a 16M group with 3 tanks, and 5 heals, then feel free to post here, /who cabure and ask for an invite, or DM Tereus#1572.

We don't do paid runs, we prioritize aliit over areutiise, and whether you despise us or fear us, we'll still be here tomorrow.