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I have an idea to deincentivize cheating.

1) remove loss elo entirely.

2) replace it with elo decay.

3) make the win count for rewards/elo very high.

how will this change anything: while people will still cheat to win, there is nothing you can do about that. its a compitive game mode, there will always be people looking for the easy way out. but, removing elo loss, will make people more willing to play honestly since losing will no longer slow them down. as for elo decay? this will stop all these players who queue for 3 weeks at season start, get gold and quit the game for 6 months. which I dont have to explain to you what that does to queue times, sub counts, ya da da.

The other thing Id like to point out is if a match ends with less 8 people, no one should get rating.

and the last thing. Make all pvp mats/rewards win only please. no particpation rewards. do you know what someone said to me in ranked 3 weeks ago? "I cant beat hm queen so Im going to lose 50 times in solo queue and get my crystal". if the crystal was only awarded after 10-??? wins this kind of thing would not happen. and, since you dont get it in pve for particpating you shouldnt get it that way in pvp.

please consider these things

Post edit: I thought some more about the no elo for less than 8 people matchs.... and I think to deter people from troll quiting a loss and cheating others, if you leave a match, you should get a 24 hours cd from ranked queue.

and it should accumulate. from repeated use. 24/36/48/7days max (imo, it needs to be legacy based, like squelshed. there is no reason to leave a game mode that have commited yourself too. if you do this, you obviously dont have the required free time for such a mode and should not be there.)
Cheaters need to be banned.

The person who was going to lose 50 times to get their prize is absolutely fine. No one will que if you only get rewards for winning. You will kill pvp with this dumb move.