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first of all, thank you for the very detailed report. It is much appreciated
Reading this, only one instance came to mind where Mission rewards incentivise bad behaviour:
The Weekly Ossus Mission "[WEEKLY] Win 8 Medals" is not bound to actually finishing the Warzone.

People do leave the WZ after the 8th Medal has been awarded as this is done instantly.

To fix this I would do the following:
- Award it at the End of the Warzone & require that the WZ is finished (not left).
- Once someone is over 8 Medals, tighten up the AFK/kick timer so that people are not incentivised to just "sit it out"...

As I am not doing much ranked PvP, I can't really say much about it, other than:
I would play more but I am getting deterred to jump into ranked more often by:
  • people who question your every behaviour - esecially when you are just doing your job (i.E. as a tank: switching guard to the person focused)
  • people who have to tell me what they want to be doing to/with my mother
  • people who cannot control their adrenalin and think it as "banter" when they are actually insulting the other...
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