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12.13.2011 , 09:28 AM | #1009
Quote: Originally Posted by Oricular View Post
EA / Bioware: Spend the most money producing this MMO of any MMO to date.

Yet, can't handle their pre-order customer load on early access (day 1) within 3 hours?

.... wow.........

You say it's to monitor server load / stability...

We are to believe that wasn't accomplished during open beta & stress testing?... Have you not been aware of exactly how many pre-orders you've had between july-november for months now? (cumulatively, anyway...)..?

You didn't project how many servers or how much support you would need to handle your faithful PRE-ORDER customers?

I've never seen this before, and let me say, it does not speak well for things to come.

Strike 1 and I havn't even logged in yet.
Did you never seen this before? Did you played any MMO at the launch? WoW is an exemple of disaster at the day 1, even with months of open beta.

You´re right, I never seen this before. Because, none were so organized.

Remember, the launch is 12.20... early acess, is a Bonus.