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if thats true then i spend 5 dollars for nothing so they made the 5 dollars a scam, but i dont know if it is lawl i mean after all its all rumors right. who knows i dont care i just want to play hahahaha
You DID NOT pay an extra $5. The $5 it charged you when you pre ordered was a place holder order, but when you get charged the rest of the price it charges that $5 less. Just because the bill looked like
$5 pre order
$74.99 Digital Delux


$5 pre order
$54.99 regular

does not mean you paid $5 exta, if you look at the actual pricing of the game it $79.99 /$59.99/ignoring CE... point is just like if you pre order in a physical store what ever you put down when you pre order goes towards the game wither you pay it off early or pay it off the night of release.